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Who is Wendy?

wendy mills

Why contact Wendy Mills? Wendy started a home business in the beginning of 2001 and "officially" started homeschooling in Jan. 2003 after pulling her oldest child out of Kindergarten.

Since 2005 she has been helping other people to be successful in network marketing, direct sales, and internet marketing; while building her primary business and developing multiple income streams. She teaches classes in her local homeschool co-op, and with the power of the internet, conducts business training webinars viewed by people around the world.

Becoming a single mom at the end of 2008, she was fortunate to have built her home business to the point where she can support her three children and continue homeschooling. This made the transition for her children much easier than it could have been.

She has since married and lives with her wonderful husband and three children in Canada.

One of Wendy's passions is to help parents to see that homeschooling and/or a home business is possible for them, and provide the resources and guidance to help them reach their goals.

If you have questions about homeschooling, art, Art FUNdamentals, starting a home business, or marketing your current business, Wendy can help. Complete the form below and she will contact you soon.

You can view Wendy's artwork and her students' artwork on

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