Cutting-Edge Online Business Training & Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs

What is the Works Team?

The Works Team was founded from a “Master mind” group of independent marketers, one of which was Ann Sieg. She was part of the WorksTeam before Renegade Marketer was even an idea, although she was beginning to implement attraction marketing principles back then with the other Works Team founders before we even knew the phrase “attraction marketing”.

The WorksTeam members' website has been designed to assist entrepreneurs – network marketers, affiliate marketers, home business owners, traditional business owners or those looking to start a business - to achieve greater success.

The online business training is up-to-date, teaching you how to market your business is ways that are working effectively NOW – not 10 or 20 years ago. The Works Team provides the cutting-edge training to help you shorten your learning curve, keeping you up-to-date with current trends, learning to utilize the power of the internet, and providing the fundamental resources you need to be successful.

This is especially important for those homeschooling and running a business. Our days are busy and we don't want to be wasting time with ineffective marketing.

The training concentrates on utilizing online marketing effectively, website development, promoting yourself, becoming a ’solution provider’ and becoming a successful independent marketer – the areas that are often lacking in other readily available training.

  “As a Financial Advisor and a Business Consultant, I see – in our current grim economy – a flood of people searching for alternative ways to create a more secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones. And for the vast majority, starting a Home Business is the best answer.

But as a professional in the Home Business industry as well (for over 20-years), I also see the frustrations and struggles that most are having with achieving real success in their businesses. And in the majority of cases, it’s because they lack the necessary skills.

Continuing Education, to acquire the right business and marketing skills, is KEY to succeeding in any Home Business (or traditional business) – and I am very proud to recommend the outstanding resources, coaching and mentorship that the leaders of The Works Team provide to us. The real value of this – to all entrepreneurs – is unquestionable. Curt Johnson, Wendy Mills, Cammy Stubbs, and the other leaders here are all highly successful, experienced professionals with impeccable reputations. They are caring people with high credibility and integrity. I feel privileged to know them and to be able to benefit from their expertise.”

Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC
Executive Director / DRA / Canada
(The Distributor Rights Association)

The original Works Team site was only accessible to those working directly with a Works Team member, but now anyone may join and become a Works Team member for a nominal monthly fee. This gives you access to our weekly live training Webinars, resources and training that will help you build any business more effectively, and access to the archived Works Team library of over 100 hours of video training as of June, 2009 – and growing. Each week the live business training webinars are recorded and added to the WorksTeam Library.

Tapping Into The Works Team Business Training

If you would like to “test the waters” and tap into some of the resources of the Works Team, you can subscribe as a free member. You won’t have access to the extensive library, but you will still have access to some very valuable resources to get you started. To be honest, The WorksTeam site has more resources free members have access than some training that others charge for! Note though, that free members are not WorksTeam affiliates so will not get paid for their referrals unless they upgrade to a regular WorksTeam membership.

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