Writing Thank You Notes, Creative Card Sending and Relationship Building

Why write thank you notes? Why send out cards to people in an electronic age? Emails can over get overlooked or not even make it past the spam filters, even though you are contacting someone someone you know or who requested information from you. Also, people lead such busy lives, you may end up playing “phone tag” and not reach people. People appreciate receiving a card in the mail. And if you have a business, to be effective in marketing that business, you need to incorporate multiple communication strategies.

    “In today’s age of electronic communication, a thank you note, with a stamp, gets more attention than ever” - Danielle Kennedy, sales guru and author

If you have a business, or are thinking of starting one, building relationships by sending out cards and personal thank you notes is an effective way to reach people and get noticed. But as a busy homeschooling parent, and entrepreneur, who has time to write thank you notes?

Personalized Cards Made Easy for the 21st Century

Did you know you can send a real greeting card,postcard or thank you note through the U.S. or Canadian Postal Service to anywhere in the world with your personal message, even in your own handwriting, in less than 60 seconds?

  • Choose your card or postcard
  • Write your message
  • Click send

Your card is printed, addressed and mailed for you, all for less than a greeting card at the store. You can make a difference in someone's life for as little as 55 cents including postage, and a few moments of your time.

Christmas Card Example

This is a card Wendy created for a webinar demonstrating the ease and fun you can have creating cards with this fantastic tool.

Our Christmas Card from 2010

Our Christmas card from 2010 we sent out to friends and family

Remember the Important People in your Life

I know that I rarely remembered to send out cards or thank you notes, and when I did they usually arrived late! I actually had a card sitting in a drawer for my step-father for about 6 years! You see I spotted a card I liked a while before his birthday. With homeschooling three children and running a home business, I don't have a lot of extra time, so when I saw a card I actually liked, I grabbed it. However, by the time his birthday rolled around, I forgot I had it. A couple months after his birthday passed I found it, so saved it for the next year, but of course forgot it again. Sound familiar?

Now I can pick out cards at 1am if I feel like it, choose the date I want the cards to go out, and presto! I have personalized cards going out to all my friends and family and actually arriving on time.

Send out a card that really expresses what YOU want to say

The other problem I always had was finding a card I actually liked. Have you had the problem of searching through rows of cards and either like the image and not the message or vice versa. Or you sort of like the message but it just is a little too sentimental or a little too abrupt? With this service you can say exactly what you want to say! You can create personalized cards with pictures of you, friends, family or whatever you like. It brings out your creativity.

Would you like to try it out for FREE? Request 5 FREE cards and a complimentary walk through to see how it works or if you just want to test it out yourself Send a FREE Card Now! or visit and bookmark our Online Retail Store so you can send a card whenever you think of someone you would like to connect with or make their day!

So just How Can Writing Thank You Notes and Personalized Direct Mail Campaigns help YOUR business? Think about this...

  • Have you noticed how many emails you receive that end up in your bulk mail?
  • How many of your emails do you think are reaching your customers or prospects?
  • Did you know that simply by thanking customers for their business you can increase your business by 17%!
  • Don't you think a card recognizing a team mate's smaller accomplishments would be motivating?
  • Sales expert and author Tom Hopkins had 98% of his business came from referrals within 3 years simply by writing thank you notes.

  • Importance of Going the Extra Mile

    With this service you can set up a personalized direct mail campaign to follow up for you and send out cards at pre-determined dates. With the click of your mouse you can have a series of postcards going out to your customers or potential customers. You can make a impression by going the extra mile, thanking your customers for their business, following up and keeping in touch.

    On average a person needs to be exposed to a form of advertising 7 times before they will respond. Postcards and thank you notes can help people remember you and your product or service. People lead extremely hectic lives these days, as any homeschooling mom can relate to! People may really like your product or service, but simply forget about you or your website. Life gets in the way; sometimes timing is not right when you initially talk with someone or they request information from you. Or perhaps you have an existing customer who really loves your product, but just forgets to call to reorder.

    More Effective Follow up

    Follow up is an area that is often neglected which can cost you business, whether in losing sales, potential team mates or through attrition Sending out cards utilizing this system can make a difference! How do you think you customers or new team mate would feel to receive a personalize thank your or welcome card? How about when a new team mate makes her first sale and you send out a personalize card congratulating her?

    You can set up a postcard campaign to automatically send out a series of cards to you new customers or downline. You could educate your new customers on your line of products or services, give helpful tips or information, or remind your new team mate the steps he needs to take in getting started. The ideas are endless!

    If people are dropping out as fast as they come, you aren't growing. It takes more effort and cost more to get a new customer or downline member. We can not only help you add new people but help you retain more of your customers and downline!

    Holiday Cards Made Simple & Increase Your Business All Year Long

    Whether you have a business, looking at starting a business or just want to get ideas on how this creative card sending system can help you send cards or thank you notes to those you care about, the webinar, Maximizing the Holiday Season in Promoting your Business will give you some great ideas! Just click on the video below and watch the recording.

    So if you haven't already done so, Send a FREE Card Now! and visit and remember to bookmark our Online Retail Card Store today so you can send a card whenever you think of someone you would like to connect with or make their day!

    We would like to walk you through sending a card and give you 4 more cards FREE so you can see how easy it is, experience the card quality for yourself and get some great information and insight into how creative card sending can improve your relationships - both personal and business.

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