Six Successful Women Share their Best Internet Marketing Tips and Warn Against Common Marketing Blunders

Ann Sieg hosted this webinar on May 9th featuring six successful women entrepreneurs: Wendy Mills, Diyana Alcheva, Barbara Silva, Lisa Hanfileti, Alicia Bausley and Cammy Stubbs.

Ann Sieg homeschooled her three sons through graduation, Wendy Mills is homeschooling her three children and Cammy Stubbs is a stay-at-home mom working her business around her five children and their passion for horses and riding. So if you are wondering whether running a successful business around your children and homeschooling is really possible, the achievement of these women should help you realize that it is.

The training topics for the webinar included:

  • Determining Your Target Market and Create Content for That Niche! (The Works Team Guru, Wendy Mills)
  • Secure Your Financial Future by Effectively Using Social Media (Social Media Expert, Diyana Alcheva)
  • Rejection Free Selling with the Consultative Approach (Renegade Super Guide and Coach & Author, Barbara Silva)
  • The Power of A Website (Author, Co-Founder of Empowered Business Entrepreneurs, Lisa Hanfileti)
  • Direct Mail to Complement Your Marketing Plan (Author, Co-Founder of Empowered Business Entrepreneurs, Alicia Bausley)
  • Branding Yourself (The Works Team Guru, Cammy Stubbs)

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