Save Green the Smart Way ~
Save Money AND the Environment

There are a lot of ways to save money which are also environmentally-friendly. Our family grows our own food, recycles and is even working on plans to go “off the grid”, generating our own power. For more ideas on how you could implement some the strategies we are using too, request the FREE Report, Save Green the Smart Way, below. In this report you'll also get book recommendations and links to helpful resources.

Change Where You Shop

One strategy we've been using, is changing where we shop. By simply switching stores, you can save a lot and buy products that are better for your family and the environment. You can have high quality products, that are highly concentrated and use less packaging, delivered to your door ~ saving time, gasoline and wear and tear on your vehicle too!

Your not adding to your monthly shopping budget, just taking money you already spend at the grocery store and spending it more wisely. You can buy cleaning products that are safer for your home and use naturally derived ingredients with no chlorine bleach, ammonia, or formaldehyde. These products are more effective, safer, better for the environment AND save you money!

Make Your Own Cleaning and Personal Care

Another way to save money and use more environmentally-friendly, safer products is to make your own. Although more time-consuming than purchased products, you can make your own effective products for cleaning the house, and you and your family.

The benefit of making your own products is that you know what is going into them, and you can save a lot of money. For more ideas on how to make your own products, request our free Report below.

Change Where You Buy Your Food and Save!

Not everyone may have enough space or time to grow the majority of their own food, so another strategy to save money and always have food at hand, even if you are snowed in or run into tough financial circumstances, is buying high quality, delicious food that has a long shelf life.

To see how good this food is, order a FREE sample pack of 12 servings, only paying a small shipping and handling fee of $9.95 at EFoods Global

Saving Families One Meal At A Time!

And if you'd like to get your products free each month, or even earn an additional income, you can get paid by referring others to these quality products. With one of the lowest start up costs for a business I know of, this company is helping stay-at-home moms and families bring in an extra income and get out of debt.

The Value of Ownership of Your Own EFood Business

For more information Contact Wendy

Starting a business does take some time and commitment, but it is possible to set your own hours, working from home around your children.

Although a home business does require some start up costs, there are options which don't require a lot of money. This is particularly important for homeschoolers who are often on a limited budget.

Whether you are looking to start a business, or simply save money and be kinder on the environment, I would encourage you to request the free report below, or contact me with your questions.

If you are looking at options to start a business, The WorksTeam is a great resource to help.

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