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You'll find home business ideas here to help homeschoolers and others - whether you already have a business, or you want ideas for starting a home based business. Sifting through all the home business options can be a challenge when deciding to start a home based business that will fit around homeschooling, so I hope you find these resources a great help.

But even if you already have started a home based business or traditional business, you'll find ideas for marketing your business, new insights, or some ideas for adding a secondary income or multiple income streams .


Starting a Home Based Business

Why Start a Home Based Business vs. an at Home Job?

When I originally started my search for home business ideas, looking for a way to bring in enough income so I could stay home with my kids; I really was looking for an at home job, rather than a business. But as I starting researching and digging into all the options, I realized that starting a home based business had much greater benefit and was really the only way I was going to earn enough to replace my full-time salary. Since my income was about 2/3's of our family income I needed to make more than just a little extra income to stay home and homeschool our children. Also, as I searched for home business ideas, I began to see a lot of other benefits to starting a home based business rather than working for someone else. Now that I have seen the benefits of working for myself, I have no interest in being an employee again.


Benefits of Starting a Home Business

  • Determine your own hours, schedule and work around your family as you see fit
  • Time and effort you put in is building YOUR business not someone else's
  • Tax benefits – with a home business you can take legitimate deductions for a portion of your utilities, hiring your children, and more.
  • Depending on the home business you choose, you can build Residual Income. So the work you put in now will still keep bringing in income even if you slow down or stop later – if you have put in the time and effort to build a strong business foundation.
  • Your children can learn valuable entrepreneurial skills and lifeskills
  • A home business can be passed on to your children


Possible Home Business Ideas to Choose

Here is a list of some of the names, or types of businesses, you have probably come across if you have been searching for ideas for starting a home business. There is a lot of overlap in terms and ideally, once you have gotten your business started, you'll probably want to incorporate some of the other home business ideas or marketing ideas to develop multiple income streams. This provides more security in that, even if your income drops a little from your network marketing business, if you have been passively adding affiliate marketing, then the secondary income will help you get through the slump and will provide financial independence.

  • Online Home Business including Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing & Multi Level Marketing (can include Party Plan businesses)
  • Direct Sales or Party Plan Business
  • Traditional Product or Services Business from Home


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In deciding on the best home based business ideas for you, the things you will want to evaluate and determine are:

  • How much Income does your business needs to generate?
  • If you just need a little extra money to get by, then the home business you eventually choose may not matter quite as much, but if you need to make a full-time income you will need to carefully evaluate if your home business idea will generate what you need.

  • How much time you have to devote to your business and does this business idea leverage your time?
  • Homeschoolers are busy people, so choosing a home business that leverages your time is important. Online businesses, multilevel and network marketing businesses generally leverage your time, traditional, service and many direct sales businesses do not.

  • Are you able to work this business around your homeschooling and family schedule? How much flexibility does this home business idea have?
  • Homeschoolers are often juggling a lot between learning activities, homeschool co-ops, church activities, etc. Traditional, service and most direct sales home businesses require you to either pick up, deliver or meet with customers at specific times. Online, network marketing, and multilevel businesses allow for more flexibility.

  • Will this home business build a residual income?
  • Traditional home business ideas and most direct sales business ideas will not generate a residual income. Once you stop working, your income stops. With a network marketing or multilevel marketing business, and many online businesses, once you have done the initial work, your income continues to come in. Now you will still have to work to increase your income at first, but you are starting to build a residual income that keeps coming in month after month.





Online Home Business Ideas including Affiliate Marketing
Network Marketing & Multi Level Marketing
Direct Sales and Party Plan Business
Traditional Product or Services Business from Home
Multiple Income Streams
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